Steap Tea Bar is unique because of the quality found in all of the products sold at our tea shop. We aim to serve the best boba tea in San Francisco, so we are very particular with what ingredients we will use to make our tea drinks. At Steap Tea Bar we only use premium teas that would normally retail for about $100 a pound. We start with these premium teas that come directly from the source and then we blend them in house to serve our customer city favorites like boba tea, matcha lattes, or dirty chais. 

Many of the boba tea shops in San Francisco use low quality teas that can be sprayed with flavor enhancers and preservatives as the teas are drying. Although this process may add flavor to the finished product, it is not healthy for customers to consume. Tea shops will allow these preservatives and enhancers to make their way into their teas because it lowers the cost of the tea itself. 

 At Steap Tea Bar our number one priority will always be quality and we would never sacrifice that to save money. We source all of our teas directly from tea farms in Taiwan. We believe that if the product is quality to begin with you won’t need to add in additional sugars or syrups to make the finished product taste good.  


Steap Tea Bar is definitely not your ordinary Tea house. Anytime you walk through our doors you can be sure that your favorite hip hop or R&B jams will be blasting from our speakers. Our Tea shop was designed with intention to ensure that any person who walks inside of our space leaves with a smile on their face. We believe that drinking your favorite boba tea or matcha latte shouldn’t just be something that tastes good, but there should be an experience behind it that also makes you feel good.

When you walk inside of Steap Tea Bar you will find beautiful oak wood walls, a custom built steel tea bar, and clean porcelain floors. Besides your favorite hip hop or R&B jams playing in the background you can be sure to hear the sound of the Steap Bar Team members shaking their hands as they mix your favorite drink. Our menu is made to be simple and easy to understand. We want our customers to feel empowered to try a new tea drink that they’ve never experimented with before. You can also be sure that anytime you come visit us at Steap Tea Bar a member of our team will be ready and waiting with a big smile to ask you what kind of a drink you are in the mood for today. 


Steap Tea Bar serves a variety of tea infused beverages that you won’t find anywhere else in San Francisco. The Steap Tea Bar team has pulled together the best tea flavors and textures from around the world to create each menu item. Customers might come in for trendy favorites like bubble tea, boba tea, a matcha latte, or a dirty chai, but they often leave having tried something brand new like a Green Queen.

 One of the things that gets people coming back for more at Steap Tea Bar is that you can customize any drink on the menu by adding a variety of toppings to your order, including tapioca boba, coconut shavings,  and more. We don’t believe that one size fits all, which is why we believe customization is the king. In addition to choosing your favorite toppings to add to your drink, you can also customize the milk that we use to create your drink and and how you would like your drink sweetened.